Are You The Right Partner?

We have found that certain kinds of contractors thrive in our system, while in other instances certain contractors may not be as successful. We work with a many different home service providers, both large companies and small businesses, helping them grow their business and found that our most successful partners, regardless of their size, share many of the same characteristics when it comes to getting the most value out of our unique services. We have come to recognize that it saves your time, as well as ours, if we understand early in the process whether or not your company would be a good fit for our unique marketing services.

While we don't make it unnecessarily difficult to qualify for our services, it is important that you read over the following before we can get started. We are actively seeking local businesses who exemplify as many of the six characteristics listed below as possible. If you can answer "yes" to the these questions, we would love to discuss a partnership with your company.

Do you want to aggressively grow your business?

Our websites will give your business a whole new level of exposure, so we want to make sure you are ready for your phone to ring! While lead volumes certainly fluctuate and we do not guarantee explosive lead volumes, it is safe to say that if you do NOT want to increase your number of clients and lead volumes, then you are NOT going to be a great fit for our services. In this spirit, we find it very productive for our candidates to take a hard look at your historical (a) call volumes and (b) close rates and be able to discuss with us the number of leads you would want per week, or per month.

Does your business do a good job of answering phone calls?

Since we connect potential customers directly with home service providers in their area, you'll never know exactly when a new potential customer will call your business! Our most successful partners have stressed to us that there is no way to accurately determine the value of our services if you can't answer the phone. Some of them have even arranged to have their calls answered around the clock! We suggest that all of our partners have their leads routed directly to their cellphones or to a call center so they can always be responsive to a new potential customer. It is safe to say that if you are unable to consistently answer your phone to handle customer inquiries, then you are probably not a good fit for our services.

Do you have a knowledgeable person answering the phone?

Many customers know they have a problem, or know they want to change something about their house, but they have no idea of exactly how to go about fixing it or changing it. If whoever answers your phone calls is able to show the customer that your company is willing and able to help them, you have a great chance turn those questions into a service call or an appointment. Many of our partners have told us that one reason they find such value in our services is because they are able to schedule an appointment or give an estimate with the overwhelming majority of our customer leads because, after all, the customer contacted their business directly, looking for the services that they offer! While our partners know that they won't get the job every single time a potential customer contacts them, our most successful partners make an effort to try and schedule an appointment with all of our leads.

Do you perform a variety of services?

We work with a variety of different home services providers, from carpet cleaning specialists to full service home improvement companies. For some of our industries, we require that our partners be able perform some minimum variety of services. For example, we require that our painters offer both interior and exterior painting and that our flooring contractors install both tile and wood floors. We do this to make sure that our contractors will be able to service the majority of the customer requests that come their way as a result of advertising through our highly visible websites.

Do you have a large service area?

While we understand that their have to be limits on your service area, we have found that are most successful partners are willing to travel throughout their cities to perform a job. We can definitely employ our geo-targeting techniques to focus our marketing efforts to a very specific area within your town, but we have found that those contractors who only want work in their neighborhood can't fully see the value of our services as compared with our partners who are looking to aggressively grow their business.

Are you ready?

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